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Why Choose LashOn? 


LashOn is the premiere eyelash extensions studio located in Māngere East, Auckland, New Zealand. 

We’re highly trained beauty experts, dedicated to carrying high-quality lash products, and the latest beauty trends, exclusively serviced.

It’s our mission to provide beautiful eyelash extensions while keeping your natural lashes healthy.


What are eyelash extensions? 


Eyelash Extensions are a popular service and product that lengthen and thicken your own natural eyelashes, eliminating the need for mascara and providing a look unobtainable through the use of eye makeup alone.  At The Lash Bar, lashes are applied using a single lash extension to each individual natural eyelash, one by one, for a natural, beautiful and flawless look.

Only silk or mink lashes, not synthetic, are used in order to provide the most healthy, natural look and feel. Eyelash Extensions are perfect for special events.


Why do our extensions last longer?


1) The way in which they are attached- they are attached individually, one by one, and then separated perfectly. 

2) The quality of the glue – Our eyelash extensions are semi-permanent which means that our lashes last as long as your lashes do! The average life cycle of an individual eyelash is three months. Eyelashes fall or shed like the hairs on our heads. So when an eyelash extension is attached to your own lash, the eyelash extension will fall out attached to your own lash when it naturally sheds. 

Do they damage your lashes?


Don’t worry about your natural lashes because we will be a full consultation about all different hair/lash types before treatment and we will only use lash lengths and curls that are suitable for your own lash type. We carefully chose extensions that your lashes will easily carry to maintain their health and strength. 


How often are top-ups/refills needed?


It is expected that 2-4 weeks after having a set of eyelash extensions done that you will have half a set remaining. This is when a top-up is recommended to keep them looking full. An aftercare card is given out to all new clients on their first visit which explains how to care for your eyelash extensions and make them last to their full potential.


Can you wear mascara with eyelash extensions?


No. We do not recommend using it. Most mascaras on the market are oil-based and oily products will ruin the lash extensions and make them fall off. (This is explained on the aftercare card that you will be given on your first visit to us.) 


How should I arrive at my appointment?


Please arrive without any makeup in the eye area. This will ensure the best bond to your natural lash, which in return will help them last as long as possible. I also recommend using the restroom prior to arrival as it is very difficult to do so mid-treatment!


Quite simply, at LashOn, Eyelash Extensions are all we do! ​


Advanced knowledge and techniques allow us to do lashes a bit differently. I want people to look at you and NOT think “Wow, those are great eyelash extensions,” but, instead leave them wondering “Wow! Are those real?!” ​​

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